We Need a New Approach – and Your Help‍

To Save California!

The far-Left currently dominates in California, but we have a 4-point plan that we believe will profoundly rebalance our state’s insane politics and policies!

Our Save California Plan is a comprehensive strategy that a number conservative groups and leaders have agreed to participate in this cycle. This effort takes a page out of the Left’s playbook by working through 501c3 organizations to execute projects in 4 key areas:

  1. INVESTIGATIONS: Expose the Failures & Corruption of CA Politicians;
  2. COMMUNICATIONS: Bypass the Liberal Media to Reach the Public;
  3. NEW LEADERSHIP: Identify, Train & Mentor the Next Generation Leaders;
  4. ELECTION INTEGRITY: Demand Reforms to How Elections are Conducted;

Please contribute whatever you can to help us enact the Save California Plan TODAY!

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